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Cow Attacks Men During 'Honor Killing' Of Girl (Video)

A cow attacked three men who allegedly took the life a young girl, Seema Gujjar, in a so-called "honor killing" in Gwalior, India, May 13 (video below).

According to News 24, the alleged perpetrators were the girl's father, Kalyan Singh, uncle, Lakhan Singh, and her unidentified brother.

The disturbing video was shot by a surveillance camera at a women's shelter operated by Nari Niketan, an advocacy group.

The video shows one man using an iron rod to stab the girl until a shelter worker, Prem babu Shivhare, and a cow come running up.

The other attackers flee as the cow appears to sit on and stomp the alleged attacker holding the rod.

The cow may have been trying to protect its calf, seen in the video, notes the Hindustan Times.

The girl eloped with a 22-year-old man in January, which angered her parents, according to police.

The father filed charges against the groom, who was subsequently jailed. However, the girl was too scared to go home and eventually ended up at the Nari Niketan shelter.

The girl's three male relatives reportedly traveled to the shelter in an effort to convince her to come home, leave her older husband and submit to an arranged marriage.

However, the girl refused and they allegedly attacked her, which is when the video picks up.

The three accused men are still at large.

It's not clear how old the victim was.

According to the Nari Niketan website, part of the group's mission includes helping girls and marrying them off:

There are destitute/abandoned girls above 6 years on our rolls. All girls are encouraged to acquire basic school education and brighter ones for higher education. Senior girls are finally settled matrimonially by the trust after finding suitable matches.

As part of their routine all inmates undertake basic skills like managing general domestic work viz. Cooking, stitching, beauty culture and assisting in handling babies of Shishu Greh.


Sources: Hindustan Times, News 24, Nari Niketan / Photo credit: Unknown via YouTube

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