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U.K. Court: 2-Year-Old To Be Put Up For Adoption Due To Parents' Excessive Smoking

A U.K. court has ruled that a 2-year-old boy should be put up for adoption because of health concerns. The main concern was the excessive amount of smoking the parents were doing at home, according to the BBC.

Julie Allen, a health visitor, told the court that she had never seen such a “smokey house” in her career. The smoke was so thick that she reportedly found it difficult to breathe.

“On entering the living room Ms Allen described being able to see a visible cloud of smoke surrounding the father and the boy,” explained Judge Louise Pemberton in court, according to BBC.

“He was asleep on the sofa and had been unwell for some time by this point,” she continued. “Ms Allen described the room as 'so smoke entrenched that I had difficulty breathing.'”

The boy had been prescribed an inhaler to help with a breathing problem he had developed, the court was told.

Social services also raised concerns about the cleanliness of the house and signs of poor hygiene, with cigarette packs and other garbage said to be lying around.

The father was alleged to have mental health problems, and had tested positive for cocaine. The court heard that paraphernalia possibly used for taking drugs had been found in the house.

“I am afraid that all of these matters lead me to an unavoidable and difficult conclusion that the risks to the little boy in being placed with his parents are far too high,” the judge stated. “Adoption really is the only option now available.”

Pemberton rejected claims by the child’s mother that the parents did not smoke in the home, and that she was obsessed with cleanliness.

The judge also ruled that the boy’s identity should not be released, the Independent reported.

Sources: BBC, Inquisitr, Independent

Photo Credit: Inquisitr


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