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Courageous Russian Soldier Stops 'Kidnapping' Without Realizing He's On A Film Set (Video)

When a Russian soldier saw a man who appeared to be kidnapping a woman with a gun to her head, he jumped into action. There was just one thing that the brave soldier didn't realize — the kidnapping was being filmed for a movie scene.

Footage of the incident shows the scene being set up and filmed, with two men in black jackets facing off against the kidnapper while he has a gun to a woman's head. 

As the scene continues, the soldier is shown quickly sneaking up behind the kidnapper before grabbing him from behind, disarming him, and pinning him to the ground. The film crew then quickly rushes over to let the courageous soldier know that the scene is being filmed for a movie and help the actor get back on his feet.

It is unknown whether or not the actor was injured in the incident.

Since being uploaded, the video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Many viewers applauded the soldier's good intentions and bravery.

Sources: Mirror, YouTube / Photo credit: Mirror


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