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Couple's Motorcycle Crashes In Rainstorm, Man Quickly Becomes A Hero (Video)

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A man’s selfless act of bravery was caught on video (below) and prevented a motorcycle crash from ending in serious injury.

In the video, taken on the driver’s helmet camera, the couple is seen speeding down a highway in the rain. Suddenly, the driver loses control of his bike — realizing that he’s about to crash. 

The man quickly grabs onto his female passenger as the bike begins to tip over, holding tight to her as they slide down the slippery highway.

He then spots another bike coming towards them, prompting him to move her out of its path and save her from collision. After they stop moving, the driver quickly checks his passenger to make sure she’s OK before collecting himself. 

The man’s heroic act prevented the terrifying accident from ending in tragedy.

It's not clear where the incident took place, but it appears it was uploaded from Thailand on Sept. 16.

Watch the intense moment below.

Sources: IJ Review, YouTube / Photo credit: IJ Review


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