Couple Finds Mysterious Hole On Front Lawn

A couple in England found a deep hole with stairs leading down into the darkness on their front lawn while mowing in November 2015.

“It was giving way as I was standing on it and there was clearly a little hole there so we got a shovel to move the grass roots and it just caved in,” Emma James, 45, said while describing the moment she and her husband Kevin, 48, found the hole, reports The Metro.

“It was a bit scary and we all jumped back but when we looked down we couldn’t see anything. We haven’t dug anymore around it as I’m not sure if it is safe and I don’t want to make it worse,” she added.

Despite calling the company that built the house in 1984, Emma James, 45, and her husband Kevin, 48, have yet to discover why the steps are there.

The couple now fears touching it just in case it may hold important historical significance.

“We just want someone to come out and tell us what it is so we can sort it out – I don’t want to just leave a hole in my front lawn,” Emma added. “I don’t want to fill it in in case there is something historic down there but it could just be a septic tank or something. It’s just a mystery at the moment.”

They also fear for their safety.

“Someone could fall down it. Over Christmas we had the cars parked on there so they could have gone in,” Emma said.

“I just hope that another hole doesn’t suddenly appear. Nobody wants to know about it and all we need is somebody to come out and have a look and tell us what it is and what we can do about it,” she added.

This is not the first time a giant hole has appeared on somebody’s lawn.

In 2009, the Daily Mail reported that Kate Scott and partner Paul Harding of England discovered a mysterious 20-foot hole in their back garden.

“It was a massive shock, we just couldn't believe it. The hole is about 20-foot-deep and takes up a third of our front garden,” Kate said.

Sources: The MetroDaily Mail / Photo credit: The Metro

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