Couple Married For 67 Years Die Within Hours Of Each Other

Hugh Nees, 94, and wife Joan, 92, were married for 67 years. They both died in their sleep within hours of each other on June 22, after telling family members that neither wanted to live without the other.

The New Zealand couple were living at the same nursing home and died of natural causes. "They said they wanted to die together, and I didn't expect it to really happen," their daughter, Joy Reid, told Stuff NZ. “It was just perfect for them.”

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Robert Nees, their son, told Canada Journal “They were strong Christians and therefore they knew where they were going, and they had no problem about going there.”

The couple had five children, but only three of them have survived. They had 14 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. One of their grandchildren, 31-year-old Nick Heyward, was murdered in Argentina last year. "Nick and his brothers had been very close to my parents, because they'd lost their mother, and my parents gave extra support to their family," Reid said.

Hugh, a former Baptist minister, had cancer and Joan had a stroke a few days before she died.

“Their departure, it’s sad but happy — life wasn’t easy for the last little while and that’s over, that’s all good,” Robert said.

Sources: Canada Journal, Stuff NZ

Image Credit: Nees Family via Stuff NZ


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