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Cotton: Trump Will Finally Talk Tough With Iran

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas said that President-elect Donald Trump will enforce the Iran nuclear deal to the point that it will soon be "dead."

"I believe the Iran deal is dead," Cotton told The Washington Examiner during the news source's podcast "Examining Politics." "President Obama reached this deal, which on its own terms is very one-sided in favor of Iran and very dangerous to U.S. interests."

Though Cotton did not definitively state that Trump would tear up the agreement reached between the U.S. and Iran, he did say that he "can't imagine that this deal is going to survive long," judging by the way that Trump is going to enforce it.

"At a minimum, Donald Trump is going to be much more forceful on the terms of the nuclear deal itself, and that itself may cause the Ayatollahs to walk away," said the Arkansas senator. "But I also know that he intends to confront Iranian regional aggression and their imperial project throughout the Middle East.

Cotton said that President Barack Obama has been going too easy on Iraq when the nation's leaders violate the terms of the deal, because he does not want the Ayatollahs to pull out of the agreement. But Trump will talk tough with Iran, since ending the deal with not faze him.

"I don't expect there's going to be many more Iranian boats chasing after ours, or aircraft buzzing our airplanes," Cotton added. "I suspect you're going to see us standing up to Iran's efforts in places like Yemen and Iraq more aggressively. Barack Obama refused to do that."

Cotton has been a vocal critic of the deal in the past and has praised Trump for saying that he would rip up the contract.

"I would advise Donald Trump to do exactly what he said... which is to dismantle that disastrous deal," Cotton said in November 2016 at the Defense One Summit in Washington D.C., according to CNN.

Sources: Washington Examiner, CNN / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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