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Cops Seize Car After Boy Filmed Doing Burnout (Video)

Alex Dobson proudly filmed his 5-year-old son, Riley, doing a "burnout" in a parked car, but the car was later seized by police in Queensland, Australia (video below).

Riley sat in the driver's seat, which is on the right-hand side in Australia, and mashed the accelerator while the tires heated up and created large billows of smoke, notes Motoring Research.

Alex said off-camera during the video, "Oh yeah, buddy, that's my boy."

After the stunt,  Alex walked up to his smoke-filled car and pointed the camera at Riley: "Look, there’s no one in the car with you."

Alex then high-fived Riley. However, that proud moment has turned into a piece of damning evidence.

In addition to the car being seized, the police child protection unit has begun a probe into the incident.

Motoring Research noted some of the reactions on YouTube:

"I wish my dad [had] let me do burnouts in his car when I was five."

"All you [politically correct] morons going on about safety are such PC idiots. Basing your evidence and judgement on a short YouTube clip is like saying superman can fly because you saw it in a film."

"This could well be done safely and if it was, good on dad. Plenty of loser dads don’t spend any time with their sons let alone have fun like this."

Alex told Australia’s Nine News that he is beginning to regret sharing the video that received over two million views, and 30,000 shares: "I am beginning to, only because of how far it’s gone and the consequences," notes

"Definitely not, no way would I ever put my child’s life at risk," Dobson added. reported on some of the reactions on Facebook:

"Nothing at all is good about this!"

"OMG this deadbeat should be reported to DHS."

"If this kid goes out without his irresponsible dad to try it again and takes off in the car he has no hope."

According to, some YouTube viewers commented:

"WTF why the hell would you put a 5 year old in a car [DUMBA**] DAD."

"How to be an irresponsible parent FOR DUMMIES."

"Yeah he's sick. the way he's talking n praising seems really dumb."

Sources: Motoring Research,, / Photo credit: Virally/YouTube

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