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Cop Shoots Injured Kangaroo In Front Of Child (Video)

A disturbing video (below) has surfaced of a police officer shooting an injured kangaroo in front of a child in Melbourne, Australia.

Hash Tropoja, a Facebook user who filmed and posted the video Nov. 20, told the Daily Mail that the kangaroo had a broken hip, but questioned the cop's judgment:

There's no question that the poor animal needed to be put down. The bullet could have rebounded on to incoming traffic. The bullet had the potential to ricochet off the concrete. [The police officer] should have stopped once his fellow officer advised him the kid was approaching. Furthermore they were there for about half an hour beforehand. They should have blocked the area off.

In the video, a second officer tells the cop with the gun, "There's a kid coming, sergeant," but the first cop opens fire on the animal, which the video shows did not die instantly. Moments later, the boy rolls by on his scooter.

Tropoja wrote on Facebook:

Ok so I get that this is what needs to be done when there is an injured animal on the side of the road BUT i find it so careless and reckless that this police officer was able to shoot this kangaroo as a kid was passing by on his scooter. After being told by his colleague that "there's a kid coming" he still went on to shoot the kangaroo.

This is one of the most careless and reckless acts I've seen in a long time. There's so many different things that could have gone wrong. Thankfully nothing did.

Daily Mail reached out to Victoria Police to comment on the incident, but has reportedly not yet heard back.

Police in Armidale, Australia, shot a kangaroo in front of some children in 2009, reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

The kangaroo had reportedly been hit by a car and suffered a broken leg. An officer shot the animal twice, but the fuzzy creature hopped across the street where the cop shot it again.

The police later said that it should have taken one shot, and how it was unfortunate that a video of the incident ended up online, which brought angry responses from the public.


Sources: Daily Mail, Hash Tropoja/FacebookThe Sydney Morning Herald / Photo credit: Hash Tropoja/Facebook via YouTube

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