Cop Breaks Up Fight Then Sings I Will Survive (Video)

Sgt. Jon Harris was one of 10 cops who responded to a call about a man allegedly throwing a drink, getting kicked out and trying to re-enter the Waterloo Bar on June 1 in Glasgow, Scotland (video below).

While his fellow officers were outside the bar dealing with the intoxicated man, Harris brought calm and joy inside the pub by singing a karaoke version of Gloria Gaynor's 1970s disco hit, "I Will Survive," notes The Scotsman.

Harris motioned towards the bar's door when he crooned, "Oh now go, walk out the door, just turn around now, you’re not welcome anymore."

His performance was cheered by the bar crowd, and filmed and posted on social media by Peter McKenna-Boyd who told the Daily Record:

Something was going on outside and the police arrived to sort it out.

They came in and asked questions and started looking at CCTV tapes.

While a couple of officers were doing that, the karaoke host tried to get one of the police officers up onto the stage to sing.

Everybody was just shocked he did it. He tried to stop after one verse but the crowd were loving it and wouldn't let him.

He was even pointing his finger in the air to the lyrics "You're not welcome any more."

When he started singing, some of the other cops were outside, but they quickly piled in to watch.

Gaynor herself was impressed enough to tweet on June 2, "I love this! Sgt Jon Harris sang #iwillsurvive to smooth tensions in Glasgow pub after a brawl."

Chief police inspector Mark Sutherland also applauded his cop:

Once the inquiry had concluded and the victim’s safety ensured, Sgt. Jon Harris from our city centre community policing team was encouraged to participate in karaoke ongoing in the pub

Sgt. Jon took to the stage, which helped to defuse any simmering tensions in the pub. I was pleased to see that once the incident had been professionally concluded, my officers were able to share a lighter moment with those who remained in the pub.

Sources: The Scotsman, Gloria Gaynor/Twitter, Daily Record / Photo Credit: Peter McKenna-Boyd via THE READ OVER TV/YouTube

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