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Convicted Child Rapist Grabs 6-Year-Old Off Street Days After Completing Rehab Program (Video)

A registered sex offender was sentenced on Oct. 23 to life in prison after grabbing a 6-year-old girl off the street and throwing her in the trunk of his car.

On March 26, just days after completing a year-long sex-offender rehabilitation program, Imran Khan, 34, of Accrington, England, snatched a child off the street while she was riding her bike, the Daily Mail reports.

Khan put the girl in the trunk of his car, exposed himself to her, tried to force her to perform sexual acts on him, and ultimately threw the child into a dumpster, according to Express.

Security camera footage shows Khan driving around in a black vehicle in Lancashire "hoping for the opportunity to arise," as reported by the Daily Mail. After about 30 minutes, the video catches him following the girl while she rides her bike.

Prosecutor Peter Barr described the incident in court: "After school she was riding her bike near her home in Burnley when a black Vauxhall car drove near to her and stopped. The man who was the driver said to her that she should look under the car as a ball was stuck there and asked for her help to retrieve it. The man then picked her up...and dropped her into the car [trunk]."

After being dropped into the dumpster, the child reportedly escaped by "making it topple over," after which two children found her and police were contacted.

In 2008, Khan was convicted of abducting and sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl, Express reports. Although he was sentenced to nine years in prison, he was released in 2013.

Judge Simon Newell sentenced the offender to two life sentences, plus a separate term of three years for violating a court order, according to the Daily Mail.

Khan committed the most recent offense just days after completing a sex-offender treatment program.

"Because of that there is a significant risk of you causing serious harm and you are the meaning of a dangerous offender," Newell said.

"I must commend the courage and resilience that the victim has shown, particularly given her age," a detective inspector said after the ruling. "I hope that ... the victim is able to try and enjoy a normal, happy childhood which she fully deserves, despite this trauma."

Sources: The Daily Mail, The Express / Photo Credit: Accrington Observer


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