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Convicted Child Rapist Beaten By Vigilante Gang

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A child rapist became the victim of a vigilante attack after a gang of people attacked him in Dublin, Ireland.

Danny Ward, convicted child rapist, was attacked in south Dublin by a group of locals. They reportedly told him they wanted him out of their neighborhood.

He was attacked as he was leaving the bed-and-breakfast where he lives.

Ward was at the Irishtown police station on June 4 for his own safety, reported the Irish Mirror. He was to be moved to another location later that day.

No arrests have been made yet.

This is not the first time Ward has experienced backlash from citizens in the area in which he lives.

When Ward moved to a B&B in north Dublin, a large group of concerned locals protested outside of his home.

A local mother identified only as Claire said, “I was gutted when I learned he was living in the north inner city, just around the corner from my house.”

She continued, “There are hundreds of children living in the area and going to school there. They wouldn’t be able to spot the difference between him and addicts who are in the area.”

Ward was allegedly discovered peeking into the windows of a primary school in Dublin last October, reported the Mirror.

Source: Mirror, Irish Mirror

Photo Credit: Mirror


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