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Convicted Cannibal Jorge Negromonte Speaks About Murdering Women, Cooking Victims In Meat Pies

A Brazilian cannibal killer who along with his wife and mistress murdered and ate three innocent young women spoke out about his gruesome actions.

Jorge Beltran Negromonte, 54, of Guaranhuns, Brazil, is serving 23 years in Desembargador Augusto Duque prison for taking part in a cult which abducted women off the street and killed them before stripping their flesh. They would then cook and eat it sautéed with onions, spices and herbs.

His wife, 54-year-old Isabel Pires, would use the meat to make stuffed pastries, or “empadas,” which she sold on the streets.

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Negromonte, who claimed he was inspired by a satanic book of rituals, revealed that human flesh tastes like beef.

“We’ve tried the most terrible crimes but never a case of cannibalism,” state prosecutor Eliane Gaia said, according to the Daily Mirror. “We’ve never seen a case of a human eating the flesh of another human being. And they did this with coldness or any pity for their victim.”

A local police chief, who loved the pastries, is believed to have eaten human flesh.

Negromonte, a former university professor, murdered 17-year Jessica Pereira in front of her 18-month-old daughter. He then forced the toddler to eat pieces of her mothers flesh the next day for lunch.

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Negromonte, a certified martial artist and karate black belt, was sentenced in November 2013 to 23 years for the murders of Pereira, Alexandra Silva Falcao, 20, and Gicelly Helena da Silva, 21.

Speaking to MailOnline, the deranged cannibal, who expressed no remorse, justified his acts by saying that the women he killed would give birth to future “thieves and lowlifes,” and believed that by eating their flesh he cleansed himself from all sins.

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(via MailOnline: 'Bruna da Silva was 16 when Negromonte took her as his mistress after his wife Isabel was unable to get pregnant.)

Negromonte also claimed he suffered from schizophrenia, and that his mistress Bruna da Silva would take advantage of his “attacks,” knowing she could encourage him to commit murder.

He said:

When I have an attack, I see shadows in human form dashing around me, and I hear voices speaking at once, telling me what to do. If someone tells me that a person is wanting to harm me, I will go for them. I have no control over what I'm doing, but other people can use me.

It's happened here in the prison. The voices started telling me I should be here, that I should be out there teaching people. Then one of the inmates told me something about one of the guards, and I went for him. If he hadn't closed the metal door behind him at that moment, I would have killed him.

Bruna knew she could control me. She was the one who wanted to murder the women. It was her idea to eat them, because we had broken the 7th Commandment (Thou Shall Not Kill) and needed to be purified. She convinced me to stop taking my medicines, because she knew that I would start having my attacks and then she could use me.

Like it or not, if it were not for the presence of Bruna I wouldn't have done the executions. She was able to dominate me.

Negromonte’s wife and mistress were sentenced to 20 years each for the May 2008 crime.

Sources: MailOnline, Daily Mirror / Photo Credit: Anderson Stevens/MailOnline, O Aprendiz Verde


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