Construction Worker in Singapore Saves Toddler Stuck In Railing (Video)

A foreign construction worker in Singapore reportedly climbed to the second floor of a housing project to save the life of a 3-year-old child whose head was stuck between the railing of an external clothes drying rack.

A person walking along the street Thursday reportedly heard the child screaming and noticed she was stuck and dangling from the building, reports the Straits Times. He called for help and two men who were nearby tried, without success, to climb the ledge. 

A migrant worker who has been identified as Shanmuganathan by the Straits Times was repairing a road nearby when he heard about the incident and ran over to help. He reportedly climbed to the second floor, lifted the toddler up, and released her from the drying rack, which was located outside of a service yard.

The man, who is being hailed a hero, is originally from Chennai, India. His coworker followed his lead and also climbed the building to help him free the little girl, reports the Huffington Post. 

Firefighters soon arrived and lowered the toddler to the ground with a ladder. 

Shanmuganathan and his colleague reportedly went right back to work after saving the child's life. They are expected to be awarded with a Public Spiritedness Award by the Singapore Civil Defense Force. 

It still isn't known how the toddler managed to climb outside and get her stuck in the railing. 

Sources: Straits TimesHuffington Post/Photo Credit: YouTube.com

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