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NASA Counters Conspiracy Theorists Who Believe Meteor Will Destroy Earth Next Week

Despite NASA’s claim that the Earth is safe, conspiracy theorists claim a catastrophic meteor impact could still put an end to the world a week from now.

Although the date is not exact, conspiracy theorists have determined that the meteor could hit anytime between Sept. 22 and 28, reports. One organization, known as the Blood Moon Prophecy, claims that an asteroid landing in Puerto Rico will put an end to the world.

Professor Robert Walsh of The University of Central Lancashire has argued that all potential threats should be taken more seriously.

“What you may not realize is that Earth is hit with about a hundred tons of extraterrestrial material every day,” Walsh told the Daily Star. “Earth has experienced very destructive impacts in the past.”

Walsh pointed to a particularly dangerous space rock that nearly hit the earth in 2013. The rock exploded in the sky above Siberia and injured hundreds of people.

Walsh noted that there are certain ways to deflect an asteroid. As a last resort, the asteroid could be blown up. He added that an unmanned space craft could also be used to change the rock’s path.

NASA has maintained that if there was an asteroid large enough to destroy Earth, it would already have been identified. In fact, there is a specific department known as the Near Earth Object office in charge of identifying potential threats to Earth.

Sources: Mirror, DailyStar

Photo Credit: Flickr, WikiCommons


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