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Conservative Group Claims ISIS Is In Mexico, Feds Deny

A conservative watchdog group claims that the Middle East terrorist group ISIS has set up a camp in Mexico, only miles away El Paso, Texas.

Judicial Watch says that a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector confirmed the existence of the camp in Anapra, an area in the city of Juarez.

Judicial Watch cites the same sources as claiming another ISIS camp is located in Puerto Palomas. That camp is allegedly planning to enter the U.S. via border towns in New Mexico.

Judicial Watch is also claiming that the Mexican Army and federal law enforcement has found Arabic and Urdu documents, plans for Fort Bliss (U.S. military installation) and Muslim prayer rugs.

However, several federal law agencies with border security told KVLA that the Judicial Watch report could not be verified.

Authorities also said it was unlikely that ISIS would be in Mexico.

The Atlantic recently reported that the goal of ISIS is to bring about the beginning of the apocalypse in Dabiq, Syria.

Sources: Judicial Watch, KVLA, The Atlantic
Image Credit: AlexCovarrubias


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