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Community In Peru Comes Together To Provide Elderly Man With New Clothing And A Haircut

A Peruvian community stepped in to help an 83-year-old man get a haircut and some new clothes after he had been seen spending a lot of time on the streets.

Chuman Don Luciano has a home and a family, but he walked the streets frequently due to his schizophrenia, according to Fox 29. 

Chuman rarely changed his clothes, and his hair was matted and body covered in dirt. He is fondly known as "Crazy Chuman" in his local community in the province of Ferrenafe, Peru. 

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The man is so beloved in his community -- even being called an "icon" by municipality spokeswoman Yesenia Abad Cross -- that they decided to give the man a makeover.

They arranged for him to have a shower and a haircut before getting him some new clothes.

“It’s an act of humanity that sets an example to us all,” mayor Jacinto Muro Tavara said, according to Yahoo News.

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“Many others aside from Don Chuman need our help, though unfortunately we are often quite indifferent to them,” Tavara added.

Cross agreed with the mayor's sentiment.

“These humanitarian gestures must continue,” she told BuzzFeed.

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Ferrenafe has received praise for assisting Luciano, including a number of messages to its Facebook page offering to help the man with clothing and other provisions, Fox 29 reported.

“Blessings to all those who supported this act of kindness,” one user wrote on Facebook, according to Huffington Post.

Since being posted on Sept. 22, the original story has been shared over 6,000 times online.

Sources: Yahoo News,, Fox 29, Huffington Post / Photo credit: Facebook via


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