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Comfort Yinusa Wrongly Accuses Two Men Of Rape After Taking Too Long Finding Car

A 22-year-old woman in the U.K. is facing jail time after she falsely accused two men of raping her because one of them took too long to find his car and give her a ride home.

The woman, Comfort Yinusa, dialed 999 (emergency phone number) around 5 a.m. and claimed that she had been attacked outside of a pub near Liverpool Street Station in London, reports Metro.

Yinusa left the Dog House nightclub with the two men who allegedly forced themselves on her. However, CCTV footage showed them laughing and joking together at a McDonald’s, while phone records proved one of them was searching for his vehicle at the time of the attack.

After 45 minutes, Yinusa reportedly became more and more angry. She called her boyfriend, Kenneth Umezie, to take her home instead. That’s when she told Umezie that she had been raped.

They called authorities and filed a complaint. The men were arrested and spent 18 hours in police custody. Yinusa did not want a medical examination and refused to cooperate with the investigation.

After both men spent six weeks on police bail, charges against the them were dropped. Yinusa claimed she was intoxicated and high on cocaine at the time of the alleged attack.

She was charged with perverting the course of justice in December 2013, according to 9News.

The case reportedly cost about $6,000 and wasted more than 100 hours of police time. Yinusa pleaded guilty and was sentenced on Friday.

Sources: Metro, 9News / Photo Credit: Comfort Yinusa/Twitter, National Pictures via Daily Mirror


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