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U.K. College Students Want LGBT-Only Dorms

Universities in the U.K. are reportedly being pressured to offer LGBT-only dorms to undergraduates who fear being victimized by their heterosexual peers.

The National Union of Students’ LGBT campaign is coming up with guidance for universities regarding LGBT-only dorms and homophobia, according to The Sunday Times

Birmingham University already offers an "LGBT housing option" for freshman students.

Students at the University of York and the University of Central Lancashire in Preston are calling LGBT-only dorms.

Sana Iqbal, chairwoman of the Students' Council at the University of Central Lancashire, pushed for education of LGBT issues instead.

"Let’s not make LGBT students more isolated into smaller groups and build more barriers," Iqbal told The Sunday Times.

Some colleges are starting to introduce gender-neutral bathrooms, and a private school changed its uniform policy to be more trans-friendly, notes Pink News.

Back in the states, Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas recently told Fox News host Megyn Kelly how his state was not going to accept transgender school children in bathrooms, notes Vox.

Patrick quoted an unnamed teacher who allegedly told him that when 14-year-old boys start showering with 14-year-old girls, and 7-year-old children co-mix in the bathroom, "It's going to be chaos."

Kelly reminded Patrick that the issue was actually about transgender students.

"Megan, the transgender population is supposedly around three-tenths of one percent," Patrick replied, according to Vox. "And by the way, every school district has handled the transgender children just fine, they make accommodations. We make accommodations in America for all types of students who come to schools with all types of issues."

Patrick then switched the subject back to how Americans are not going to stand for non-transgender teens showering and going to the bathroom together in schools.

Kelly asked why Americans won't support transgendered school children using the bathrooms of their choice, and Patrick pointed to the HERO ordinance that was overturned in Houston. According to Patrick, the mandate would have allowed "men in ladies rooms."

"The ordinance would have allowed men in the ladies rooms or trans women in the ladies rooms?" Kelly asked.

Patrick replied that the ordinance was for any man who feels like a woman and insisted that it could have created some kind of legal loophole for sexual predators.

"A lot of sex offenders are men who molest boys, why is there an assumption that they need to sneak into the girls room?" Kelly asked.

Patrick dodged the question and instead talked about how his female relatives don't want to use a bathroom with men.

Sources: The Sunday Times, Pink News, Vox / Photo Credit: DrRandomFactor/Wikimedia

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