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See Why Italian Cleaners Threw Away A Piece Of Modern Art (Photos)

Cleaners at an Italian museum accidentally threw away an exhibit because they reportedly thought it was leftovers from a party on the night of Oct. 23.

The piece of art was “Where are we going to dance this evening?” by Goldschmied & Chiari. It was a collection of empty champagne bottles, confetti and pieces of paper that appeared to look like party remains, reports. The piece was meant to represent the decadence of 1980s Italy, which was known for its hedonism and consumerism.

However, a cleaning crew believed the installation was actually trash -- and threw it away.

The piece was presented at the Museion Bozen-Bolzano in northern Italy.

Before and after photos of the exhibit were uploaded to the museum’s Facebook page. Since then, a sign has been placed near the exhibit.

“The work will be restored soon,” the sign reads in Italian.

Luckily, the cleaning crew recycled the art based on glass and paper, so the installation shouldn’t be difficult to reassemble.

Although the cleaners have been warned about cleaning up around similar exhibits, a party the night before had reportedly confused them.

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(What the modern art installation originally looked like. Photo Credit: Facebook via

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(What the installation looked like after the cleaners removed it. Photo Credit: Facebook via

Sources:, Newsweek

Photo Credit: Facebook via


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