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Church To Use Drones To Drop Bibles On Muslims

The Livets Ord (Word of Life) Church in Uppsala, Sweden, is planning to use drones to drop thousands of small, electronic Bibles in areas of Iraq that are under the control of ISIS.

"This missions project is closer to traditional smuggling of bibles, and it is not connected to any military or aggressive action in any way," a Livets Ord spokesperson told The Local.

An unidentified organization will be carrying out the actual drone operations in Iraq.

ISIS has a history of killing people of other faiths, including Muslims who do not adhere to the terrorist group's dogma.

"The Bibles are the size of pill boxes and have a display," Christian Akerhielm, Livets Ord's mission director, told Sweden's national public TV channel SVT.

"They require no electricity, but work on their own," Akerhielm added.

The Livets Ord website reportedly states: "Our ambition is to pass on the hope and love of the Christian gospel to a population living in closed areas where they are being denied human rights," and adds, "We start our project in a few weeks and hope to drop thousands of bibles."

The Livets Ord church began in the 1980s, and has been criticized by some in Sweden as being a "cult," reports Christian Today.

The church's founders left in 2014 to convert to Catholicism.

The church is comparable to U.S. Pentecostal churches, which are focused around speaking in tongues.

Livets Ord operates some evangelical schools, one of which Ebba Busch Thor, head of Sweden's Christian Democrat party, attended until she was 16 years old.

The church has come under fire for donating money to Israel for settlements on the West Bank.

The Livets Ord website says: "We believe in an unfailing and never-ending love, given to us by God. And together we try to spread that love to as many people as possible. Both globally and closer to where our home is, here in Uppsala."

Sources: The Local, Christian Today / Photo Credit: Wazzaa97/Wikimedia

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