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Chinese Women's Soccer Coach Ejected For Interfering In World Cup Game (Video)

Hao Wei, coach of the Chinese women's soccer team, was ejected on June 15 during the last minutes of a FIFA Women’s World Cup group stage match between China and New Zealand.

Wei bumped against New Zealand player Ria Percival while she was attempting to pick up the ball for an out-of-bounds throw-in maneuver, reports the New York Daily News (video below).

Wei put his hands up in an apparent plea of innocence, but referee Katalin Kulcsa ejected him from the game in Winnipeg Stadium.

Wei came back to the field after China and New Zealand tied in 2-2 draw, which advanced China in the tournament.

Wei tried to shake hands with New Zealand coach Tony Readings who refused the offer, noted USA TODAY.

Readings stated in a post-game press conference: "(Wei) obviously got sent to the stands for deliberately stopping our player from taking a quick throw in. It’s just something that I don’t agree with. I would never go out of my way to do that to an opposition player."

Sources: New York Daily News, USA Today
Image Credit: Fox Sports Screenshot


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