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Watch: Chinese Woman On Escalator Passes Off Child Before Being Crushed To Death (Video)


A Chinese woman died over the weekend when she reportedly got caught in an escalator in a shopping mall.

Xiang Liujuan, 30, was riding up an escalator with her 2-year-old son when surveillance cameras captured footage of her falling into a faulty floor panel at the top on Sunday (video below), The Telegraph reports. Liujuan was able to hand her child off to a shopping assistant before she fell in. Another assistant attempted to help Liujuan, but she fell into the escalator and was crushed. 

Emergency service workers attempted to retrieve her body for over four hours. When they discovered her, they found that she showed “no signs of life,” according to the Wuhan Evening News.

The mother had been also shopping with her husband at the time of the fatal accident.

Maintenance officials had been working on the escalator when they forgot to screw the floor plate back into place, the Wuhan Evening News reported. This caused it to give way when the mother placed her weight on top of it.

Upon hearing the news, many on China’s social media sites expressed their outrage following the incident.

“Why didn’t the staffers stop customers at the entrance to the machine or just turn it off?” one social media user wrote. “The department store is definitely responsible.”

 “I was appalled when I saw her sink and at the same time felt the greatness of maternal love,” another one said, “the mother wasted no time pushing the child out when it happened.”

Officials from the mall have yet to release a statement regarding the incident.

Source: The Telegraph, The Washington Post

Photo Credit: The Telegraph


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