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Chinese Police Find Security Guard's Stash Of Stolen Goods

A night security guard at a factory in China is facing a possible three years in prison after authorities in Zhejiang province reportedly caught him with a bizarre array of stolen goods, including a refrigerator full of stolen eggs. 

The Shanghaiist reports authorities stopped the 43-year-old security guard — identified in reports only by the surname Gu — as he was riding an electric bicycle home from a shift at work on May 12, carrying two suitcases.

Following a brief interrogation, Gu reportedly admitted to having stolen the suitcases. A subsequent search of his home is said to have turned up piles of other pilfered goods including over 1,000 stolen eggs, each individually dated so he would know when to eat them.

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Police say they also found three drawers of meat, hundreds of bars of soap, boxes of tissues and bottles of cleaning products, according to Yahoo News. 

Gu reportedly told police he began stealing products in June to supplement his roughly $300 per month salary. 

After Gu’s arrest, police began the slow process of collecting the stolen items and returning them to the factory. Two police cars were reportedly needed to transport the eggs. 

One factory worker, quoted by Yahoo, said management at the factory had known someone was stealing and he was glad they finally caught the person.

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“I can’t believe it,” the unnamed worker said. “For months the bosses have been accusing us of taking the stuff and it turns out it was the security guard. I hope they will now apologize for thinking it was us.”

A spokesman for the factory, quoted by the Metro, said the management was also surprised to learn it was the guard who had been smuggling products out of the facility. 

“We thought he was a hardworking and dutiful guard who enjoyed working nightshifts because he didn’t have a family to go home to,” the spokesman said. “Now we have found out that he did it so he could roam around and steal without anyone seeing him.”

Sources: Shanghaiist, Yahoo News, Metro

Photo Credit: Metro, Shanghaiist


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