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Chinese Police Detain Woman For Cutting Off Fingers And Penis Of 6-Year-Old Boy

A woman has been detained in the central Chinese province of Hunan after she cut off some fingers and the penis of a 6-year-old boy.

Police named the suspect as Liu Tao, who was allegedly staying at a cousin’s home on Oct. 11 when the incident occurred, reported.

The boy was referred to as Xiaoming, although this is not his real name. He lived next door to where Tao was staying.

Tao was reportedly sleeping when Xiaoming entered the room and woke her up. Tao took the boy out of the room and returned to sleep.

But when Xiaoming returned a second time, Tao reacted angrily. She grabbed a kitchen knife and a pair of scissors, and stabbed the 6-year-old on his head, face, fingers and genitals.

The woman allegedly left him bleeding and went back to sleep, before she later fled the scene, Daily Mail reported.

Police located Tao at her own home.

“Police asked the suspect where she put my son’s penis, but she wouldn’t say,” the boy’s father, Zhou (surname), said, according to

Xiaoming’s fingers and penis were later found hidden in a vase. They were sent to the hospital where he is being treated for serious injuries.

Doctors warned it may prove impossible to reattach the boy’s fingers and penis due to the length of time they were separated from the body.

Xiaoming remains too traumatized to talk, according to Daily Mail.

His family claims to have heard that Tao suffers from schizophrenia. However, police are yet to confirm or deny this.

“We don't even know the woman,” his relatives added, according to NDTV. "The child's grandparents are good, honest people, they don't have enemies."

Tao faces the prospect of a prison sentence of more than 10 years for malicious bodily harm. But if a medical report confirms her mental illness, her punishment could be reduced.

Sources:, Daily Mail, NDTV / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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