Chinese Officials: Mother Sold Newborn Son For $7,000

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A woman in China has been charged with human trafficking for allegedly conspiring with her doctor to sell her newborn baby boy.

CNN reports the woman, who is identified only by her surname, Huang, is said to have sold the boy for about $7,000. 

The doctor, identified as Yang, reportedly arranged the sale for about 42,000 yuan, giving 35,000 yuan to the mother and keeping 7,000 yuan for herself. 

According to a story from Indian news outlet, the Deccan Chronicle, the mother’s family grew concerned and reported the incident after the woman told her family the baby died. 

The boy’s grandmother grew suspicious of her daughter-in-law because the woman did not seem to be sad about the supposed death and eventually reported her to police in August. 

Huang reportedly said she had a tumultuous relationship with the boy’s father and chose to sell her son because she thought having another baby would take an emotional toll on a son she had from a previous relationship. 

Huang’s son was eventually recovered and is now living with his father’s family. 

The case underscores an ongoing problem in China where couples, under law, are only allowed to have one child and male children are preferred. 

News of Huang’s case comes close on the heels of a story, reported in early January, in which a man was reunited with his son who was abducted by child traffickers 24 years earlier. 

“I was happy,” the man told CNN in a separate report. “I was grateful. But I was also bitter.”

Also this month, Chinese authorities reported breaking up an alleged human trafficking ring that involved over 100 people. The case is said to have rescued 37 newborns who had been taken from their families and transported in luggage and handbags to buyers who purchased the children for up to $13,000.

Sources: CNN (Jan. 26), Deccan Chronicle, CNN (Jan. 14)

Photo Credit: Bridget Coila/Flickr, CNN


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