Chinese Motorcyclist Plays On Cell Phone After Being Hit By Car

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An unidentified motorcyclist was hit by a car in Changsha in the Hunan Province of China on Tuesday.

The boxes the man was transporting fell on the road, and he was tossed to the pavement where he played on his cell phone after the accident, noted the Chinese news site People's Online Daily, reports the Daily Mail.

When police came to the scene, the man refused to get up because he was waiting for an ambulance, and using his phone.

The man blocked traffic until the ambulance arrived.

Police say the man was later released from a hospital with minor injuries.

Pictures of the man at the accident scene were posted on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, where one user commented, "After getting the compensation, what stock is he going to buy?"

Sources: Daily Mail, People's Daily Online
Image Credit: Daniel Case


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