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Chinese Man Claims His Cat Gave Birth To A Chihuahua

Jia Weinuan, 74, claims that his pet cat recently gave birth to a Chihuahua. He lives in Xuzhou City in the Jiangsu Province of China and thinks his cat, Niu Niu, was impregnated by a dog.

“I sent Niu Niu to my friend’s house personally for her to mate,” Jia said. "She was put in a cage with a male cat for two days. He would never have put her with a dog."

“In all my years, I’ve never heard of dogs and cats mating,” he added. "But I am certain that I hand-delivered this Chihuahua."

Jia said that he cut the umbilical cords after delivering the litter from the cat mother, but he didn't notice a difference between the puppy's appearance and its four kitten siblings' until his partner pointed it out to him later that day.

Since then, the Chihuahua has become more and more "dog-like."

“Male cats have their sexual organs under their bottoms,” Jia said. "But the penis of the baby creature is under its belly, like a dog."

Jia reportedly demanded that a scientist explain how his cat could have given birth to a dog.

"The scientist will no doubt patiently explain that it is impossible for cats and dogs to produce children – and will perhaps ask if there’s any chance a dog got mixed in there by accident," Rob Waugh of Metro wrote.

Sources: Metro, Daily Mail / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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