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Chinese Girl Gets Stuck In Storm Drain While Texting And Walking

A teen recently got her leg stuck in a storm drain while she was walking and texting on her cellphone in Mianyang City, in Sichuan Province, China.

People tried to help the unidentified teen get her leg out of the storm drain, but were unsuccessful; others took pictures.

After nearly an hour, a fire crew came to the scene and rescued the girl.

According to Metro, fire department spokesman Ming Lai said:

"We managed to remove the bars and quickly freed her once we arrived at the scene. Her leg was a bit scratched and bruised and numb from being squeezed through the bars, but she quickly recovered and did not need hospital treatment."

According to, bystander Jun Niu, who posted pictures of the incident online, stated:

"She was more embarrassed than anything else, she covered her face up with her hands when people were gathered around and it was clear she didn’t want to be there.

"She was incredibly thin though, I reckon normally nobody would be able to get their foot down there but the bars were a bit bent so I guess that was why it happened."

(Note: The person pictured texting above is not the same person mentioned in the article.)

Image Credit: Wesley Fryer/Flickr


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