Chinese Driver Drags Dog To Its Death (Video)


An unidentified man dragged a dog behind his SUV while driving in the Shandong province of China on August 1 (video below).

A witness in another vehicle filmed the poor dog trying to keep up as the SUV accelerated. The dog finally gave up and was dragged on the street, notes the Shanghaist.

An outraged crowd eventually stopped the driver and surrounded the SUV, but by that time the dog was badly injured and died on the street.

The driver was pulled out of his vehicle by the crowd and assaulted. Police arrived on the scene, and likely saved the man's life from the angry mob. A SWAT team came to the area to keep the peace.

The driver was detained by police who are investigating the incident, but many users on the Chinese social media site Weibo have called for the driver to be tortured and executed.

According to the South China Morning Post, some social media users leaked the driver's name, license plate, address and personal contact info.

A man, who said he was the driver's brother, wrote on the web that the dog had rabies and had bitten people.

The self-identified brother added that the driver had tried to find the rabid pooch a new home, although people do not tend to adopt dogs with rabies. However, since the dog allegedly refused to get in the car, the driver chose to drag it behind the vehicle.

PETA Director Elisa Ellen told the Daily Mail:

Dogs in China are at risk of every conceivable kind of horror -- from the country's dog-meat and dog-leather industries to attacks at the hands of abusers who take their issues out on the most vulnerable victims.

This dog died a slow, agonizing death as his skin was torn off while he was dragged behind a car.

It's imperative that the culprit responsible for this vicious act be brought to justice and receive counseling before he or she acts again.


Sources: ShanghaiistSouth China Morning Post, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Shanghaiist/YouTube

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