Dog Dies After Being Tied Behind Truck In China (Photos)


In shocking images, a dog can be seen getting dragged behind a truck until it dies of injuries.

An unidentified driver tied the dog to the truck by a metal chain before driving the car on Nov. 27, Sunning View reported. At first, the dog was able to follow behind. However, as the truck sped up, the dog became exhausted and died from his injuries.

The dog, who died in Dongguan, China, was lifeless when witnesses reported it to police.

Here are pictures of the brutal scene, courtesy of Sunning View:

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According to China’s animal abuse laws, many cruel acts like this one are not illegal, the Daily Mail noted. However, authorities have been known to reprimand a citizen if the act is considered too disturbing to the public.

It’s unclear if the truck driver was the dog’s owner.

The treatment of dogs in China is often criticized, since dog fighting still takes place as well as the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival, where 10,000 dogs are slaughtered for the market in the rural Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Sources: Sunning ViewDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Sunning View

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