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Watch: An Expensive Lesson In Not Parking Illegally (Video)

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A company in China became so fed up with illegal parking on their property that they rented an excavator and took things into their own hands.

Video of the incident, posted below, shows the excavator pushing a white SUV away from a black BMW that was parked perpendicularly to it. The excavator then pushes up against the BMW and moves it towards a wall. 

A crowd of people can be seen standing nearby, filming the excavator as it pushes the illegally parked cars around. The person filming the footage then moves towards the two cars, highlighting the damage that the vehicles sustained from the machine. The BMW, in particular, was damaged severely with several prominent dents. 

"Wow! I bet paying for the damages would be cheaper than stopping production for the day!" one viewer commented. 

"That BMW is DONE. It's going to cost more than the car is worth just to repair that damage," another wrote. 

Watch the incident play out below.

Sources: World Star Hip Hop, YouTube

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