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Video Captures Final Moments Of 11-Year-Old ISIS Suicide Bomber (Images)

In an ISIS-made propaganda video, an 11-year-old boy is shown kissing his father goodbye before leaving in an explosive-laden truck for what is presumably a suicide mission (images below).

The video, featuring Abu Imara al-Omri, was reportedly made in January, International Business Times reported.

It is believed the boy died during an attack by ISIS militants on the Syrian village of Ghazal.

In the video, music plays while a man narrates over a montage featuring al-Omri, which includes him looking over a fortified truck full of explosives and his father teaching him how to control and detonate the vehicle.

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Al-Omri is also seen wielding a gun in the footage.

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The boy speaks in the video and is then seen kissing his father’s hand as they embrace before he leaves on his mission.

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ISIS is no stranger to using children of all ages as militants.

Earlier in February, a video was released of a 5-year-old boy blowing up a car full of prisoners, Opposing Views reported.

A study performed by the Combating Terrorism Center found that between January 2015 and January 2016, the number of ISIS “child and youth militants far exceeds current estimates."

The child soldiers were also found to be treated no differently than their adult counterparts and are not being used to compensate for men lost in battle.

Over the researched time period, 89 children and youth were “eulogized in ISIS propaganda,” which is essentially what the terrorist group has done with the video of al-Omri.

Of the children who have died fighting for ISIS, 51 percent allegedly died in Iraq, with 36 percent having died in Syria. The remainder perished in conflicts in Yemen, Libya, and Nigeria.

Thirty-nine percent of the children died in the same manner al-Omri allegedly did, while detonating a vehicle-borne improvised device (VBIED) against their target.

The study concluded that the terrorist organization's use of children is accelerating, and that the amount of children dying in suicide operations per month has more than doubled since January 2015.

Sources: International Business Times, Combating Terrorism Center, Opposing Views / Photo credit: The Daily Mail

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