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Children's Textbook Says To Kill Kitten In Experiment

An assignment in a children's textbook, "Our Green World: Environmental Studies," has caused an uproar in India and on social media.

According to India Today, the fourth-grade textbook is used in a school in Delhi.

The school book advises children to perform a ghoulish experiment with two kittens in order to learn the difference between living and non-living things:

Living things need air to breathe. No living thing can live without air for more than a few minutes. You can do an experiment. Take two wooden boxes. Make holes on lid of one box. Put a small kitten in each box. Close the boxes. After some time open the boxes. What do you see? The kitten inside the box without the holes has died.

The book even includes a drawing of a live kitten and a dead kitten in their respective boxes. noted some of the outrage on Twitter over the assignment:

This experiment is a part of the 4th grade curriculum in a reputed school in Delhi. WHAT THE ACTUAL F***?!

This. Is. Just. Unbelievable. From a Class IV textbook on Environmental Studies. Anyone responsible for this reaching the kids desks?

What the hell? This is part of a text book in a reputed Delhi school. Who is the moron who wrote this? I hope Delhi Government takes action!

How absurd! Doesn't someone review this s*** before it's authorized & approved to be used in schools.

Incredible. A textbook circulating around schools in India is encouraging children to suffocate kitten as a science experiment.

Parvesh Gupta of PP Publications, which publishes the book, told The Indian Express: "A parent had called us a couple of months ago and asked us to remove the text from the book because it was harmful for children. We recalled books from our distribution channel and will come out with a revised book next year."

Gupta did not know how many schools are using the present textbook.

Sources: India Today,, The Indian Express / Photo Credit: Lola Kuttiamma/Twitter

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