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Children Abandoned At A Railway Station Are Reunited With Their Mother

Three young children were abandoned at the New Delhi railway station in India, but thanks to an appeal on Twitter, they’ve been safely reunited with their mother.

Rahnuma, 7, Raja, 5, and Sanya, 4, were spotted by local journalist Abhishek Shukla. According to The Daily Mail, they were "dumped" at the station by their father, who apparently told them their mom would come get them before "fleeing" and "leaving them in the cold, scared and hungry."

Shukla didn’t have the time to help the children, but he snapped a photo of them huddled together and posted it to Twitter with a plea. “Can someone help these helpless kids at New Dehli Railway Station near platform 16 entrance,” he wrote.

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The photo was sent to police chief Madhur Verman, who sent his officers to retrieve the children. When police found them, they were crying and confused about how they wound up in the station. 

“They were cold, hungry and scared. When we arrived at the mother’s house she was asleep and said she had been working and had not been contacted by her ex-husband,” Verman said. “As far as she was aware the children were staying with him. We are now looking to question the man.”

Shukla was happy about the outcome. He tweeted: “Today morning safely handed over to mother Ms Tabassum. They are happy. (sic)”

Source: Daily Mail Image via Daily Mail


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