Child Left With Horrible Facial Injuries Due To ISIS


A child who was badly injured in the July 3 suicide bombing of a Baghdad shopping center returned later in the month to pay tribute to those killed and injured in the ISIS attack.

The girl, Asal Ahmed, now has her face entirely wrapped in white bandages, according to ABC News. Asal is only 4 years old and had extreme burns to her face. Asal was with her mother at the market, who was also reportedly severely burned during the attack. It is not known if Asal's mother survived.

Asal, like many of the other injured survivors from the attack, returned to the scene of the bombing in the arms of her father to light candles in memory of those who died, the Daily Mail reports.

Nearly 300 people in the immediate area were killed and another 200 were wounded, making the bombing the single deadliest bombing in a nation that has now been at war for 13 years.

The attack came after ISIS urged its followers to attack "infidels everywhere" during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi responded to the attack by ordering new security measures for Baghdad, as well as declaring three days of mourning in the aftermath of the explosion.

While ISIS has lost territory in Iraq and Syria in recent months and is regularly routed on the battlefield, analysts believe the group may be entering a new phase in which it focuses more on coordinated attacks in western countries, such as the Paris attacks in November 2015.

Sources: ABC News, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Flickr

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