Chemical Blast Near Barcelona Leaves Toxic Cloud Over Town (Video)


Two toxic chemicals exploded at a distribution company in Spain on Feb. 12, leaving three injured and a toxic orange cloud over six towns surrounding Barcelona.

Around 9 a.m. local time, an explosion occurred at chemical distribution company Simar after two chemicals, one reportedly being nitric acid, accidentally mixed while being transported for delivery. The explosion resulted in a fire and a thick, toxic orange cloud over much of northern Spain.

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Residents of six towns, with thousands of residents among them, were told to shut their windows and remain indoors until the cloud dispersed. The order was partially lifted an hour later, although authorities advised infants and the elderly to remain isolated until it was deemed safe.

“Unfortunately there isn't much wind in the area so the toxic cloud is taking longer to disperse,” Catalan Interior Ministry representative Ramon Espadelar said.

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The condition of the three injured individuals is unknown.

Sources: RT, YouTube / Photo Credit: Twitter via RT


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