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Chef Cancels Valentine's Day Dish After Death Threats From Vegans

Award-winning chef Mark Dixon says he has received so many death threats from vegans that he has canceled a Valentine's Day foie gras dish at The Kings Arms restaurant in Fleggburgh, England.

Dixon and his staff have received hundreds of threatening phone calls and messages from as far away as New Zealand. There have also been threats of protests against customers who dine at the restaurant on Feb. 13 and 14, reported The Guardian.

In addition to the threats, people have made so many fake reservations that the eatery had to stop answering its phone.

Dixon wrote on Facebook on Feb. 8: "We would like to apologize to all of our customers who haven't been able to use our phone lines and social media pages today due to the Vegan Activists harassment over Foie Gras.

"We have listened to every opinion but when people go as far as ringing our staff, constantly, calling them murderers and death threats we class this as harassment and also inhumane to humans on the vegans behalf, and completely disgusting and unacceptable.

"To stop this unfair behavior on our staff we have decided to remove the Foie Gras from the menu and apologize to all of our customers who enjoy our parfait dish. The police have also been informed about our phone lines and social media comments so we should be back to normal action asap."

The firestorm began when Dixon posted his Valentine’s Day menu on Facebook in January; even some of his longtime customers turned on him.

Animal rights activists have targeted restaurants that serve foie gras because geese or ducks are often force-fed to the point where their livers become huge.

The Telegraph noted that foie gras is illegal to produce in the UK, but is manufactured in other European countries such as France and Belgium.

Sources: The Guardian, Facebook, The Telegraph / Photo credit: The Kings Arms/Facebook

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