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CEO Gives Generous Surprise To Employees After Selling His Company

A CEO who sold his company for more than $500 million decided to give back to his employees in a generous, million-dollar manner. Nevzat Aydin, CEO and co-founder of Yemeksepeti, paid $27 million to 114 employees after selling the Turkish food delivery company, according to CNNMoney.

Aydin explained his motivation behind sharing the money, saying his employees deserved to benefit from the company’s sale.

“I believe in team work and I believe success is much ore enjoyable and glorious when shared with the rest of the team,” he said.

Founded 15 years ago by Aydin and three colleagues, Yemeksepeti reportedly became Turkey’s biggest online food delivery firm. Recently, it was sold to Germany’s Delivery Hero for $589 million. 

“Yemeskepeti’s success story did not happen overnight and many people participated in this journey with their hard world and talent,” Aydin told CNNMoney.

The startup grew over the years, now having 370 employees and delivering more than 3 million meals a month, CNNMoney reported.

Aydin set aside $27 million from the company’s sale to reward each employee with a sum based on a number of factors. Employees were only eligible if they had been with the company for two years or more, and their share of the proceeds depended on their performance, how long they had worked for the firm, and their “future potential in the company,” Aydin said.

The bonuses paid from the profit of the sale averaged $237,000 per employee — almost 150 times the normal monthly salary at the company, according to Business Insider.

Business Insider reports many employees were crying tears of happiness when they learned of their boss’s generous plan. Nedim Nahmias, an employee with the company for 10 years, was one of the lucky employees to receive a bonus.

“This bonus package is life-changing to many of us,” Nahmias said. 

Nahmias began at the company as a call center operator before working his way up to eventually becoming chief operating officer, CNNMoney reported. Nahmias would not disclose how much he was given.

“Let’s just say the money I received will cover many potential expenses of a soon to be married couple,” said Nahmias, who recently got engaged.

Following the sale of the company, Aydin remains the CEO of Yemeksepti and will also be a part of the executive board of Delivery Hero, CNNMoney reported.

Source: CNNMoney, Business Insider / Photo credit: Twitter via Business Insider


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