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Celebratory Gunfire At Wedding Wounds Three, Kills One (Video)

Three people were critically wounded and one died after celebratory gunshots were fired at a wedding on Nov. 15 in Haryana, India (video below).

One of the people caught on a Facebook video firing a gun was Deva Thakur (wearing a red outfit), who disappeared for three days after the incident before surrendering to authorities on Nov. 18, reports BBC News.

Thakur, who refers to herself as a Sadhvi (Hindu for god-woman or holy woman), fired a handgun and a double-barrelled rifle into the air; members of her security team joined in on the shooting.

Thakur asked a DJ at the wedding to play a song, started dancing and then began shooting, according to the Indian news source.

The bride's kin and the groom's family reportedly asked Thakur to stop shooting, but she continued.

The celebration dissolved into chaos when three of the groom's relatives were wounded, and his 50-year-old aunt was killed by a stray bullet; Thakur and her six security guards slipped away.

After police charged the seven with murder, Thakur surrendered in court, but her guards have not.

"I am innocent," Thakur told journalists. "I didn't do anything wrong. It's a conspiracy against me."

"I'm very sad that someone died at that event," she added.

Thakur, vice president of All India Hindu Mahasabha, was also charged in June 2015, notes DNA India, after she said in April 2015: "[T]he population of Muslims and Christians is growing day by day. To rein in this, the Centre will have to impose emergency, and Muslims and Christians will have to be forced to undergo [sterilization] so that they can't increase their numbers."

The 27-year-old god-woman reportedly has a small following, but an extravagant lifestyle that includes saffron robes, gold jewelry and guns.

Dharampal Siwach, a member of All India Hindu Mahasabha, told BBC News that he went with Thakur to the organization's main office in New Delhi in 2014.

"She was appointed as the national vice president of the party after I lobbied on her behalf," Siwach recalled. "But soon we stopped inviting her to our functions and events because she was getting photographed with guns and that made us very uncomfortable."

Sources: BBC News, DNAIndia / Photo Credit: Neeraj Ahlawat/Facebookvia YouTube

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