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Ceiling Panels Fall During Canadian Sports Show (Video)

Ceiling panels suddenly started raining down on the "Hockey Central" show on Sportsnet, a Canadian network, on Dec. 14 (video below).

Daren Millard, Nick Kypreos and Doug MacLean were chatting about the good old days, when a ceiling tile dropped down during a live broadcast, crashing down so hard that it shook the camera.

MacLean, an ex-coach for the Columbus Blue Jackets, calmly drank a bottle of water, but had to dodge a second panel, notes Mediaite.

The radio/TV show continued for a few minutes of talk about what happened before the show went to an early commercial and MacLean walked off the set.

In more hockey news, pop star Justin Bieber almost got into a fight during a pickup game he played in at the Toyota Sports Center in Los Angeles, notes TMZ (video below).

Another player broke Bieber's stick, and the singer skated after him until a referee got in between them. Seconds later, Bieber traded words with the other team's goalie, who took off his mask. Once again, the ref skated over and defused the situation.

Bieber hung out with the Manchester Storm hockey team in the UK in October. The team's general manager, Neil Russell, told the Manchester Evening News all the exciting details:

I'm in the pub stood next to him now. I sent him an email a few weeks ago and heard nothing back. Then I got a call on Monday saying he would be very keen to meet up with the team for a skate. He canceled on us three times but then they got in touch tonight and said I'm on my way.

So I got the team together and we were all skating with him for a good hour or so. And now we are at the pub with him. It's been a really surreal night. He's a really good skater.

He just loves getting out on the ice, I think it must relieve the pressure of touring. The boys had a great time hanging out with him, he came into the changing room with us and everything. And he signed a jersey for us. He had a good skate and now we're all at the pub now. Word soon got out so there was a bit of a crowd at the rink.

Sources: Mediaite, TMZ, Manchester Evening News / Photo Credit: Sportsnet/Twittervia YouTube

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