Cat Rides On Back Of Scooter's Driver (Video)


A cat recently rode on the back of an unidentified scooter driver in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand (video below).

According to, another driver filmed the cat and his ride.

A YouTube video of the feline has over 300,000 views since July 15. 

The cat literally clings to the back of the scooter driver's shirt and turns to wink at the camera.

In more cat-goes-viral news, a feline named Corey the cat became an Internet star after his picture was posted on Twitter in January, noted ABC News.

Corey's secret was that he resembled Adam Driver from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

The cat's fame resulted in his adoption by Emily McCombs who hitched a ride with a friend who drove her from Brooklyn to an animal shelter in New Jersey.

McCombs explained to ABC News at the time:

When I saw him I already loved him and then I knew he was supposed to live with me. I emailed the shelter and found out he had already been adopted at first. I was bummed, but then that family backed out.

So it felt like an epic quest. The woman emailed me at like 3 p.m. from the shelter and I didn’t see it until later, so I didn’t know for sure if he would still be there when I got there.

However, there were already three people in line to adopt the photogenic kitty.

"We set out not really knowing for sure if he would still be available," McCombs recalled. "When we got there there were already like 3 people waiting for Corey. One lady had her appointment before me and I thought all was lost. I took my picture with him and was just happy I got to meet him."

However, the lady turned out to have cat allergies.

"She’s allergic to some breeds of cat and she couldn’t in good conscious take him without knowing if she’d have a reaction," McCombs added.

McCombs adopted Corey and renamed him Kylo Ren.

She wrote in an article for Elite Daily:

The shelter had suggested we keep Kylo in a small room with all his things for the first week or so while he got used to a new space, but he was not interested in being confined in another small cage, so I let him take the lead.

About 20 minutes after my boyfriend and I went to bed last night, Kylo crawled in with us. We woke up this morning with him curled up literally between our faces, his paw on my boyfriend’s face. I think it’s safe to say we’re all quite happy together.

Sources:, ABC News, Elite Daily / Photo Credit: GianGiancarlo/YouTube

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