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Nurse Abuses Paralyzed Patient On Camera (Photos)

Nurse Abuses Paralyzed Patient On Camera (Photos) Promo Image

A nurse in China has been caught on camera physically abusing his paralyzed patient.

The video footage, which was captured by a surveillance camera in the patient's bedroom, dates from April 16 to April 21, reports the Daily Mail.

The 77-year-old patient was slapped on the head, pushed onto the floor and thrown into the bed violently by his caretaker, who is identified by the surname Sun.

Sun was hired by the man's son to be a live-in nurse, and was paid the equivalent of about $500 per month to be a 24-hour caretaker.

However, the son filed a lawsuit against Sun after discovering multiple injuries on his father's body.

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One scene in the video shows the elderly man being dragged off the bed and slammed into the wall. He was then struck violently on the head, and pushed out of his bedroom.

Following a medical exam, Chinese authorities confirmed that the man had suffered multiple bone fractures.

In court testimony which commenced on July 12, Sun denied the charges against him. Instead, he accused the elderly man of scratching him, and explained that he kicked the man in self-defense.

The patient's paralysis was caused by a stroke, which rendered him incapable of walking without an aid, reports the Meizhou News, as cited by the Daily Mail.

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In the United States, the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) provides the following profile of elder abusers: "Perpetrators are most likely to be adult children or spouses, more likely to be male, to have history of past or current substance abuse, to have mental or physical health problems, to have history of trouble with the police, to be socially isolated, to be unemployed or have financial problems, and to be experiencing major stress."

Regarding the abuse of adults with disabilities, the NCEA cites a study in which institutionalized adult women with disabilities "reported a 33% prevalence of having ever experienced interpersonal violence."

In a study of adult men, 55 percent "experienced physical abuse by any person after becoming disabled." In addition, "nearly 12% of these men stated they experienced physical abuse by a personal assistance service provider over their lifetime."

A particularly shocking recent example of elder abuse is a December 2016 case involving a nursing home worker in Ohio who was arrested for performing lewd acts on a 100-year-old patient.

Brittany Fultz, 26, was charged with gross sexual imposition in the matter, reported the Daily Mail.

In a video shot by another care worker, Fultz was seen straddling the man's leg and giving him what appears to be a lap dance. In another scene, she pulled down her pants and flashed her buttocks.

"I can show you new things, I can show you new things," she said to the elderly man on the video. "I won’t tell if you won’t. I’m a girl… you know what that means."

Sources: Daily Mail (2), NCEA / Photo credit: Pixabay, via Daily Mail

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