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Canadian Town Outlaws Spitting, Cursing, Gathering In Groups

The town council of Taber, Alberta, passed a new bylaw on Feb. 23 that critics say will never hold up in Canadian courts.

Taber, which has a population of 8,200, has banned cursing, shouting, spitting, groups of people larger than three and being too loud in a bar. Additionally, people the under the age of 18 cannot be outside past 11 p.m.

The new Community Standards Bylaw passed 6-1.

The fines for violating Bylaw 4-2015 range from $75 to thousands of dollars.

"It reads like a police officer's shopping list," Wade Hlady, a lawyer in nearby Lethbridge, told the Ottawa Sun.

"A person who whispers a swear word in public could go to jail for up to six months," Hlady added.

Hlady and lawyer Michael Dietrich are offering their services to fight the bylaw, which they claim violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Taber Mayor Henk De Vlieger told The Taber Times, "I’m in support. I’m not saying this thing is perfect, but I think we should give it a chance and try it out, and let the police work with it. After a period of time, we might make some adjustments, but let’s see how it works.”

Sources: Ottawa Sun, The Taber Times
Image Credit: Qyd via Wikimedia Commons


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