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Canadian Pundit Compares Trump Win To Jim Crow (Video)

Canadian news pundit and activist Danielle Moodie-Mills compared the success of President-elect Donald Trump to racist Jim Crow laws and the last stand of white supremacy on Nov. 8 (video below).

A CBC News anchor suggested to a panel that the U.S. election results showed that "there are people who will just not accept a woman in that job."

Moodie-Mills countered that with a different theory:

Honestly, I have to disagree. I do not believe that this is people saying, 'I couldn’t possibly have a woman in this role.' This is so much bigger than that. This is about, and I will say it because I have literally nothing left to lose tonight. This is literally white supremacy’s last stand in America. This is it. This is what this looks like.

This was black people being pushed out of rallies. This was a young boy with cerebral palsy and having his wheelchair kicked and being brought to the front of the line. This is hatred on a level that we have not seen since Jim Crow.

So, we want to talk about whether Hillary Clinton is likable, whether it was about emails? No. We underestimated as Americans how deep our hatred was of "the other," how deep white uneducated Americans felt about the demographic shift. We underestimated that level of insidious-like hatred. And what you have is a man who went around, he stoked every fire, he lit every bridge, every bridge, and just opened the floodgates.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had won the popular vote based on figures on Nov. 9, CNN reports.

Clinton had 59,415,609 votes, while Trump clocked in with 59,231,829. That lead is small and doesn't include absentee ballots.

If Clinton were to win the popular vote, she will be the first presidential candidate to do so and lose the electoral vote since Democratic nominee Al Gore in 2000.

Clinton would join Gore, Andrew Jackson, Samuel Tilden and Grover Cleveland as candidates who won the popular vote, but lost the election.

Sources: CBC News via YouTube, CNN / Photo credit: CBC News via YouTube

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