Canadian Man On Trial After Tweeting About Feminists, Could Face Jail (Video)

Canadian Greg Elliot has been on trial in Toronto, Ontario, for allegedly criminally harassing Stephanie Guthrie and Heather Reilly on Twitter in 2012.

However, Elliot was never accused of threatening or sexually harassing either woman, says National Post reporter Christie Blatchford (video below).

Judge Brent Knazan is expected to rule on the bizarre case on October 6.

If Elliot is convicted, he could end up in jail for six months.

Guthrie and Reilly are feminist activists who once were on good terms with Elliot.

However, that all went downhill when Elliot reportedly refused Guthrie's call to “sic the Internet” on a video game designer, Ben Spurr, who had created a game where users could slug an image of Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist blogger.

The National Post reports that Guthrie warned companies on Twitter not to hire Spurr and notified a newspaper in the designer's town.

“I want his hatred on the Internet to impact his real-life experience,” Guthrie reportedly tweeted.

Elliott tweeted to Guthrie that her plan “was every bit as vicious as the face-punch game."

Guthrie blocked Elliot, but could still see his tweets about her and the hashtag #FascistFeminists that Elliot created to mock Guthrie and her friends on Twitter.

Elliott's lawyer Chris Murphy claimed that Guthrie and Reilly were not afraid of Elliot and engaged in an online campaign against the father of four.

Murphy told the court that the women demanded that Elliot stop mentioning them in political discussions.

Murphy claimed that Guthrie and Reilly plotted with friends in August 2012 on how to shame Elliot.

Murphy recalled how Reilly retweeted a screenshot of a conversation in which another Twitter user (who falsely claimed to be 13) accused Elliot of being a pedophile, which was not true.

“If anybody was being criminally harassed in this case, it was my client, it was Mr. Elliot," Murphy said in court.

For her part, Reilly claimed that she felt threatened by Elliott, who allegedly tweeted offensive comments and monitored her Twitter feed after she blocked him, noted The Toronto Star.

Reilly claimed that she was fearful that Eliott's alleged online stalking would turn into an offline confrontation, which it did not.

According to The Toronto Star, Elliott did tweet about Guthrie to another Twitter user who called him a "perv and a sad little man."

Elliot tweeted: “You are wrong on all counts. Go listen to (Guthrie) play her s--- music in crappy bars with your loser faux-feminist friends.”

Sources: National Post, The Toronto Star 1, The Toronto Star 2
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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