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Bat Found Swimming In Canadian Man's Toilet (Photos)

A Canadian man got a strange surprise when he lifted the lid of his toilet this week.

Michael Connor of Toronto posted pictures to his Facebook page Tuesday of a brown bat swimming in his toilet bowl, Buzzfeed News reported.

"Interesting way to start the day," he wrote in the post.

“A little before 6 a.m. this morning, just as I was sitting down, with only the light of morning coming in the window, I realized there was a swimmer in the toilet," his post continued.

Connor said that the bat was stressed and that he had to think quickly to figure out how to get the surprise visitor out of his toilet.

As Michael Connor tried to move the animal from the toilet into a bucket, it started to make noise and panic, but it was presumably unable to fly due to its wings being wet.

He brought the bat outside and placed him in a dark patch to sleep off what had just happened.

“He pretty quickly oriented himself head down and was spreading his wings and vocalizing when I left him,” Connor wrote.

A few hours later he went back to check on the bat, but it was gone.

Sources: Buzzfeed, Facebook

Photo Credit: Wikipedia, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Headquarters/Flickr CC


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