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Canadian Man Destroys Police Cars With Monster Truck (Video)

An unidentified man recently smashed up two police cars with his monster truck at a police checkpoint in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada (video below).

One Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer was injured during the incident early on Aug. 29, which was filmed by witness Kyle Matheson.

After the driver allegedly refused to stop at the checkpoint, two officers tried to block him with their cruisers, reports CBC News.

The man drove forwards and backwards, smashing the cruisers while police officers cursed and demanded he stop. The man hit the cruisers until he had enough room to escape.

The man was tracked down by a third police car after overturning in a ditch, notes Global News. Investigators said the truck was stolen.

The driver was allegedly armed with an ax and reportedly tried to set himself or the inside of the vehicle on fire using lighter fluid.

A firefighter, who recognized the man, convinced him to give up his ax.

The man was taken into custody by police under Canada's Mental Health Act and was transported to a hospital.

WARNING: Strong language.

Sources: CBC News, / Photo credit: Kyle Matheson/YouTube Screenshot


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