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Canadian Immigration Site Crashes As Trump Wins States

Canada's Citizenship and Immigration website crashed as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump pushed toward victory Nov. 8.

The Canadian site,, apparently crashed due to traffic from Americans not wanting to live under a Trump presidency, notes The Independent.

The website provides information on applying to live in America's northern neighbor and how to become a Canadian citizen.

According to The Independent, those who want to move to Canada have several roads to citizenship. Most of the ways involve moving for work or to be with family.

The good news for Americans wishing to leave is that Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has been very welcoming to refugees.

Palm Springs resident Mary McAndrew and her partner, Julie Siri, have already started the immigration process to Canada.

McAndrew, who has Canadian citizenship, told Canada's Global News: "We feel that whether he is elected president or not, the U.S. has forever changed for the worse. It’s now not just O.K. to openly hate others and make fun of people we don’t understand — it’s actually rewarded and appreciated."

McAndrew took Siri to visit Toronto.

"[Siri] loved it," McAndrew said. "The people, the safety, the resources, people’s attitudes, our sense of humor and our priorities to live life fully. We’re refreshing to her."

The Telegraph notes that Google has seen an enormous increase in search phrases "emigrate" and "how to emigrate to Canada."

The phrase "end of the world" was also searched by the masses as news of an impending Trump victory broke.

In addition to immigration and doomsday scenarios, The Telegraph reports that the U.S. dollar plunged on the world market and the Dow Jones dropped 750 points.

Neil Wilson, an investment expert at ETX Capital, said it was "chaotic," and added: "There was a major sell-off in stocks while havens like the yen and gold are soaring as the Sunshine States gives Trump a very good chance at the White House."

Sources: The Independent, The Telegraph, Global News / Photo credit: Theorb/Wikimedia Commons

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