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Canadian Campaign 'We All Need The D' Goes Terribly Wrong

A campaign to promote vitamin D in the Yukon, a territory of Canada, has brought laughter and embarrassment.

Yukon Health and Social Services released posters that read: “We all need the D. Even me!” and "Need a little help … with your daily D?”

The posters feature moms, children, a man, a baby and a dog next to the sexual innuendo for "d---," notes BuzzFeed Canada.

“We knew it was an innuendo for sex,” Pat Living, a representative for the health and social services department, told Yukon News. “We did not realize that it was as crude as it is now being purported to be.”

“[Local models] were brought in to do a job and now people are providing very personal comments," Living added. "Which are completely inappropriate and I’m really disappointed, honestly, that people would take it to that level.”

The department has since removed the original ads from its website and city buses, and revised its campaign.

Sources: BuzzFeed Canada, Yukon News / Photo credit: ronniecanuck/Imgur

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